A Meeting with Myself

Here’s a neat idea, book a meeting with yourself, say for one or two hours.

Then whip out your favorite notebook or text editor, ask yourself a question and attack your assumptions, this will usually generate more questions. Peel off all layers of the onion, try to find the truest answer, be less wrong as they say.

For example, ask yourself, what’s most important for you?

Well this, this, and that are most important for me.

Why? Where does it come from? Is this truly what’s most important for you? Is this not what society wants you to think is important for you?

This is a way of exploring your mind. How often do we think deeply on the questions that truly matter? And explore those answers from all angles?

I ask myself these questions ocassionally, but I never questioned my assumptions and put my answers under a microscope. It bothers me that I haven’t already done this before. What have I been doing that was so important, for me to not even question what I’m doing in the first place?

Often, I find that we are archers shooting at random. And an exercise like this is choosing which targets we want to aim at.

Which targets do you want to aim at?

Other questions to ponder:

Inspired by Derek Sivers’, Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals

March 25, 2020 · Personal Development

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