Asking for Favors

Derek Sivers’ piece has been top of mind.

A friend on Twitter reached out and asked me for my advice on her pitch deck. I was going down a YouTube rabbit hole at the time but I was ecstatic to help out! It feels good to help a friend out, I got an ego boost, and I admired her for taking the initative to ask. Besides I had nothing better to do anyways.

I often hesitate to ask for favors. Sometimes I want to be considerate of the persons time. Other times, I thought it would seem selfish to ask a favor from someone I haven’t talked to in years.

Yet, I never thought this when other people asked me for favors. More often than not, I respect the person for having the courage to ask.

Favors are a great way of keeping in touch with people. Not only do you benefit but the other person feels good for helping you out and they get an ego boost too.

When was the last time you asked for a favor?

November 28, 2020 · Book Notes · Networking · Relationships

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