Becoming a Linchpin

Inspired by Deb Liu’s post on The Importance of Linchpins, and Why You Should Become One

At the start of 2020, one of my friends formed a group chat with a few of his close friends that were also interested in writing. We shared drafts, discussed books, and eventually our conversations ventured beyond writing. As a fledgling writer, this group was invaluable to me. When I started my daily blog, I would share each post in the group chat. I’d get valuable feedback and it sparked interesting discussions. This group chat supported me and kept me motivated.

My friend was instrumental in forming our group. He started the conversations and organized hangouts, helping our group to become self-sustaining. We found comfort in the collective during the chaotic pandemic. Our group flourished and he became my best friend and roommate.

Linchpins are vital components of a system. Without them, the system collapses. My friend was the linchpin of our writing group and everyone benefited from it. However, the greatest reward goes to the linchpin as they build the network, gain credibility, and experience a feeling of fulfillment.

Anyone can become a linchpin. Who are some people you’d like to see regularly? Organize a biweekly movie night with them. Maybe you’re looking for others interested in discussing ideas, start a book club. Or if you want to meet other writers, form a writing club. You can be a linchpin; it’s your choice.

April 26, 2023

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