Bedtime Procrastination

The Chinese term 報復性熬夜 translates to revenge to stay up late,” where people who can’t control their daytime life delay their sleep to relish their night time freedom before bed. - @daphnekylee

Especially during academic semesters, my lack of discipline plus the crushing number of deadlines to meet means that sometimes I feel as if I don’t have much control over my time. So when the day ends, that’s the only time I get to unwind.

This is when I’m most susceptible to bedtime procrastination.

Just last Friday, after a long day of studying I decided to watch some boxing videos on YouTube. I started at midnight but next thing I know its 3am. Where has the time gone?

Like all procrastination, bedtime procrastinating doesn’t even feel great in the moment, and there’s a debt to pay the next day.

July 6, 2020 · Productivity

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