Being the Youngest in the Room

I recently attended a customer advisory board in Salt Lake City with my colleagues and customers. I was the youngest person at the event, with the average age being at least 10 years older than mine.

I often find myself as the youngest person in the room at work, making me feel insecure at times. Despite being asked to lead various discussions and roundtables at the event, I sometimes doubt my qualifications and experience especially since my experience and qualification pales in comparison to everyone else’s.

But I enjoy being the youngest in the room because it allows me to be curious, naive, and energetic. It also means I’m surrounded by people to learn from, I have ample room for growth, and my company believes in me regardless of my age.

I’ll cherish these moments, as I won’t always be the youngest and that window is beginning to close. Perhaps one day, I’ll write about being the oldest in the room.

April 11, 2024

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