Career Endpoints

It’s interesting for me to see accomplished people’s trajectories and what they decide to do next. I’m particularly interested in career endpoints: after they are already accomplished what do they decide to do next?

This is one reason why I was first interested in Venture Capital. I noticed that many entrepreneurs I admired became VCs after a successful exit. These people have valuable networks, loads of experience, and plenty of capital. They can do anything they want yet many choose Venture Capital as their next act. After experiencing VC for myself, I understand why but that’s a topic for another day.

An interesting endpoint that I’ve seen lately, and perhaps this is my bias, but writing seems to be a popular endpoint. Whether they built companies, art, or played basketball, I noticed that writing is a popular endpoint. I think it says a lot about the power and fulfillment of writing if so many accomplished choose writing as their next and final act.

March 7, 2022

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