Championship Rounds

In Boxing, they call the 11th and 12th rounds, the championship rounds. If the fight has lasted this long, it’s in those final two rounds that the outcome of the fight is determined. Boxers have to push past the pain, the fatigue, and dig deep in order to survive and win. It’s in these final rounds that champions are made.

One thing about writing every day is that it doesn’t matter whether or not I feel like writing or not. I have to do it. Some days, like today, I’m looking through my list of ideas, and there’s not a single idea I want to write about. It was a long day, I’m tired, and it’s nearly midnight. But I write anyway.

It’s these moments that are my championship rounds. I have to push past the fatigue and dig deep in order to find something to write about. And those are the moments when some of the most interesting ideas emerge.

July 25, 2023

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