As I’m in my final year of school, I’m constantly asked what I want to do after I graduate. I’d argue that selecting the city I live in is arguably as important as where I work.

In James Currier’s piece Your Life is Driven by Network Effects, he describes seven of the most important decisions of your life and selecting the city you live in is one of them:

Where you live largely determines who you know. Who you know largely determines the richness of your life and your access to wealth and information. Your network is a form of wealth. It brings you friends, career opportunities, or a spouse.

He then outlines a few questions to ask yourself when deciding which city to live in:

  1. Are the people in this city like me?
  2. How long can you see yourself staying there?
  3. How important is your career to you?
  4. How much do you enjoy a fast pace of life?
  5. How much do you enjoy or value meeting new people?
  6. Are the core parts of your network topology filled in?


  1. Your Life is Driven by Network Effects - James Currier
  2. Cities and Ambition - Paul Graham
November 30, 2021

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