Common Sense is Not Common

One of the main reasons others tell me they don’t want to write publicly is that they have nothing original to say.”

And that’s not true.

A lot of what we think of as common sense, can be quite surprising to someone else.

In fact, common sense is relative.

What is common sense for Elon Musk, a Nobel Prize winning Chemist, and a college freshmen will be very different.

I first realized this as I talked to underclassmen. They’d ask me the same questions I asked when I was their age. I’d share my experiences and give them advice. The things that I said that resonated the most, were things that I’ve internalized, things that were obvious to me. But when I first learned those things, they were profound for me too.

What would you tell yourself 5 years ago?

Start from there.

You too have a lot to share to this world.

April 19, 2020

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