Complaining Leads to Resentment

Something I didn’t expect coming to Peru was how cold the weather is. The city I was previously in, Puno, would dip below 0 celsius every night. The other night, I had trouble sleeping despite wearing two layers of clothes with three layers of blankets.

And while I am Canadian and I’ve faced sub -20 degree weather earlier this year, the difference between Canada and Peru is centralized heating is everywhere in Canada. My apartment, the library, and every bus and car uses heaters. Here in Peru, heating is very rare.

So instead I’m forced to bundle up everywhere even when I’m indoors. There were many times when I was in the washroom or at breakfast when the weather was around 5 degrees and I was freezing my ass off.

I’d complain a lot about the weather here in Peru. But I noticed that it adds much unneeded negativity to my trip. Complaining feels good in the moment but it also leads to resentment over time.

June 3, 2022

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