Curiosity as a Spotlight

We all naturally gravitate towards certain interests. For me, that includes writing, art, and basketball to name a few. My curiosity spurs me to learn about these interests. And because my process is driven by curiosity, it feels like play.

Before, I thought my curiosity was limited to my interests. That topics that lie outside that circle I just wasn’t curious about. And while it’s true we naturally gravitate towards some topics, I learned that as long as keep an open mind, I can be curious about anything.

I like to think of curiosity as a spotlight. When I shine that spotlight on an interest, I’m motivated to learn more about it. The great thing too is that I have agency over where to shine this spotlight.

Over the past year, I’ve shone this spotlight on job searching, crypto, travelling, language learning, New York City, and interior design. Now, I’m shining this spotlight on product management and audience building.

October 23, 2022

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