Developing Your Product Intuition

Julie Zhuo wrote a fantastic thread on the developing your product intuition. Here are the 12 ways she describes to improve it:

  1. Use the product daily as a real user would [15 minutes / day]
  2. Watch one or two user research or replay sessions [10 minutes / day]
  3. Check your key usage metrics dashboard [5 minutes / day]
  4. Interview a prospective client and ask them to describe a specific workflow related to your product [30 min / week]
  5. Email or slack 1-3 existing clients with a specific feedback question [30 min / week]
  6. Read notes from recent sales calls or user interviews [30 minutes / week]
  7. Read customer feedback queue tickets [30 minutes / week]
  8. Read the latest data analysis on user behavior on your product [30 minutes / week]
  9. Read industry blogs / articles related to your product area, ideally about either customer learnings or from the perspective of customers [30 minutes / week]
  10. Explore competitor products as a real user world [2 hours / month]
  11. Try selling the product yourself, or tag along on a sales call [2 hours / month]
  12. Read 3 books a year relevant to the psychology of your customers [5 hours / week]
March 23, 2023

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