Drafts Folder

My blog’s drafts folder houses over 1200 entries. I started collecting these ideas a little before I started writing daily.

Something I’ve learned through my daily writing practice is the fleeting nature of ideas. For instance, this morning, an interesting blog post idea came to me but after boiling some water to make my tea the idea escaped me. I couldn’t recall it. Like an entomologist catching butterflies I learned to catch my ideas” as they come to me. Maybe that butterfly will visit me again, maybe it won’t. But might as well catch it now.

I rarely revisit my older drafts. Even in Evernote, an app that I’ve been using for 8 years now, I have over 5000 notes, most of them I don’t visit. I find that writing these ideas even if I don’t read them later is my way of acknowledging that idea. Similar to how we write diary entries which we may read again down the read but the process of writing those thoughts down and knowing they’re there if needed is comforting.

January 22, 2022

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