Enjoying My Food

A friend of mine commented that I’m easily impressed when it comes to food. Someone would think that this Mexican restaurant is alright, while I would think it’s amazing. This is especially true this past Summer. My roommates and I would indulge once a week where one person would make a home cooked meal for all of us.

Maybe I’m not alone in the sense that I get impressed easily with food, nonetheless here are a few observations:

  1. Eating for sustenance. During the weekdays, I eat the same staple meal repeatedly. Some protein, usually chicken breast. Some vegetable, usually the frozen mixed vegetable packs at the grocery store. And some carb, usually rice. I’ll change up each component ocassionally, maybe changing the protein for sausage, or the carb for some pasta. In short, on weekdays I eat for sustenance rather than taste. This means that when we go out to eat or someone cooks something at home, it tastes so much better relative to what I usually eat.

  2. Eating mindfully. Especially when I’m eating out or at a dinner party, I try to be present. I’m not on my phone. I’m not thinking about the assignment due tomorrow. Being present means I can fully experience the moment, the company, and the food.

July 11, 2021

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