Feeling Small

In 2018, Yusaku Maezawa made headlines when he was introduced by Elon Musk as the man that bought all the tickets for the first civilian trip to the moon in a project called Dear Moon.

Recently, Maezawa released an update on the mission. As a part of the update he lists his reasons for going to the moon. One of his reasons stood out to me. He wants to go the moon to remind himself how small and insignificant he is.

When we see something as beautiful and massive as the Earth it inspires a sense of awe. It takes our breath away. It helps us feel a oneness with nature and with each other.

Feeling small also neutralizes the ego. Humans can be self centered at times. But when we see something that makes us feel insignificant, it puts things into perspective. It reminds us how small and insignificant our problems and struggles are. It forces us to reevaluate our principles and values.

Feeling small and insignificant is a humbling feeling. Whenever I feel stressed out, I can look at the Moon to remind myself how small I am.

May 17, 2021

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