Finding My Signature Style

I was out window shopping around my neighborhood when I stumbled on this clothing boutique called 7115 by Szeki. The interior of the store has a natural, minimal, and cozy vibe. The clothes had a similar aesthetic. Yet, they were unlike anything I’ve seen before. The clothing was beautifully constructed from quality materials. The silhouettes had an Asian inspiration reminiscent of kimonos and mandarin shirts.

Over the past few weeks, I gravitated towards this store, visiting it on multiple occasions and browsing its website. Never before had a clothing brand resonated with me like this one. This store gave me a signal of my personal style.

To be stylish means to be self-aware. Self-awareness means you have a strong sense of taste. And strong taste leads style. Your style is your story, it’s your lived experiences. And to express that in how you dress is what it means to have a signature style.

In one line, I’d describe my signature style as Wabi-Sabi with subtle accents. Here are my principles for how I dress:

August 13, 2023

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