First Impressions Matter

One of the first things any employee should do when starting a new role is book 1:1s with your colleagues. During the conversations: be punctual, look presentable, and learn to listen. This kickstarts the relationship, opens communication channels, and leaves a good first impression.

In particular, first impressions are important because of the Halo effect. The Halo effect is a phenomenon where we make judgements about someone on a single observable trait, and from this one trait, we infer other qualities about that person. Here’s an example:

You meet a friendly person at a party and later are asked to solicit sponsors for a worthy cause. You contact that person because you think she will make a contribution. In reality, there is no inherent connection between being pleasant and being generous. Yet the halo effect leads you to make that unwarranted assumption that the two are related. Most conclude that if she was good in one category (sociable), she will also be positive in another (generous).
September 10, 2021

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