Five Pieces of Advice for University Students

As I was graduating last year, I drafted a list of advice for university and college students. I didn’t publish it, but since many people I know are back at school, I’ll share a few tips.

  1. Go to office hours. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask your professor questions related to their field, school, and life. Professors are knowledgeable in many areas not only their field of expertise.

  2. Go straight to the problem sets or assignments and learn the theory along the way. Personally, I have trouble absorbing theoretical content if I don’t know its application. Going straight to the problem set or assignment helps me learn and apply the content immediately.

  3. The best way to network is to make things. Whether it be a product, a blog post, or a community, creating something builds your skills and your work will draw the right people and opportunities to you.

  4. Travel while you’re young. Traveling in your youth is ideal because you have the freedom to do so, the energy and physical capability, and the opportunity to expand your worldview.

  5. Shoot your shot. Whether it be a job, a connection, or a crush, take the chance and go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

September 9, 2023

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