I have fond memories of Halloween growing up. From dressing up as my favorite characters to going trick or treating around the neighborhood with my friends. I’ve also got embarassing memories too such as my parents dressing me up as Barney and sending me to school.

But as I grew older, Halloween was more awkward than fun. There reaches a point when you become to old to dress up, to old to trick and treat. At least that’s what I was told.

During Halloween in high school, I’d ask myself if it was cooler to dress up or not. I’d arrive to school early with a jacket over my costume and my school uniform in my bag in case I was the only one dressed up. Later in high school I stopped dressing up. I thought it was uncool and I rather not risk losing my social credit in high school.

It’s a shame that we become to old for Halloween because inside I’d love to dress up. For this one day, I can leave my own identity at the door and dress up and assume the identity of someone else. Whose your favorite superhero? Favorite Character? Have you always wanted to be a rockstar, an astronaut, a basketball player?

Halloween is the one chance every year we have to be someone we aren’t.

October 31, 2020

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