How to Add Personality to Any Space

As I’m designing my room, one challenge is balancing form and function. I want my space to be functional but still infused with my personality. The past few weeks, I’ve turned to YouTube for inspiration and have been watching apartment tours. After watching a bunch of these, a pattern started to emerge. In my favourite apartments, many pieces had a story behind them. I think this is the key to creating a space that’s unique and reflective of us.

Naturally, many foundational pieces like a mattress and a desk are more form over function. But once the foundational pieces are in place, you can layer artwork, accessories, and pieces to show more personality. Maybe the bookshelf is populated with your bibles, or there’s a vinyl cover of your favourite album, or there’s a pieces that was gifted by a family member or a significant other, or maybe you bought a memento from a recent international trip.

August 14, 2022

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