I Just Want to Be Like Kendrick…

More to That’s, Personal Experience is Everything, has been top of mind

For awhile, I had this dogmatic view that smart people read and if you don’t read then you aren’t smart.

But in a 2015 interview, Kendrick Lamar was asked, Do you read a lot?”

Naw-uh . . . I’d rather be interacting with a person than gathering up information from somewhere else. [I’d rather] speak to a person with wisdom that’s been here before me.

Kendrick Lamar was the first hip hop artist to win the Pulitzer prize. A testament to his talent and lyricism. Given his body of work I assumed that Kendrick was a voracious reader.

It turned out that Kendrick isn’t into reading. Reading doesn’t matter if you live an interesting life and have insightful conversations regularly. No reading necessary. Personal experience is what matters.

May 18, 2021

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