Inspiring Others

One of the joys of the writing journey for me has been finding the other and inspiring those along the way. Just this past week, my friend Amanuel, a neuroscience researcher with brilliant ideas, published his first blog post on ants. I’ve been telling him he needs to write ever since I met him last year and he’s been regularly attending the writing club I host. Another friend, Rithika, who’s always bursting with energy and creativity, wrote a piece on an emotional, touching topic on her relationship with her dad. A piece that resonated with many others including myself. I reflect on those I’ve inspired and it’s a long list. It’s humbling to reflect on.

I have countless others that I inspired along the way. Whether it be take up the craft of wriitng, write more, or inspired through ideas. And while sometimes, it may be tough because it feels like I’m writing in a vacuum. I remind myself that I don’t do this for the status, the fame, none of that. I do this for me.

February 11, 2023

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