Intertwine With the World

This segment from Derek Sivers’ How to Live resonates:

From Japan, learn deep consideration for others, social harmony, and intrinsic perfection. Leave before you get so considerate that you can’t express yourself or take action.

From Germany, learn rationality and directly honest communication. Leave before you start scolding strangers.

From Brazil, learn to live in the present, and embrace every stranger as a friend. Leave before you forget about the future.

From China, learn pragmatism and the multi-generational mindset. Leave before you get superstitious or prioritize social status.

From France, learn idealism and resistance. Leave before you oppose everything in theory.

From America, learn expressive rebellious individualism. Leave before thinking you’re the center of the world.

From India, learn to improvise and thrive in complexity. Leave before feeling a divide between what’s inside versus outside your circle.

One of my goals this year is to travel internationally. Ideally, travel somewhere that’s culturally different from Western culture.

While I have a sense of how growing up in Canada has affected the way I look, talk, and think, I’ll never be sure until I step out of my bubble.

January 8, 2022

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