It Feels Good to Fail

Earlier this week, I learned that I got the dreaded rejection email for an internship I wanted. I experimented with a different approach and it got me to the final round of interviews, but I was unable to get the offer.

Yeah it sucks, but it also felt good. I’m proud of myself for taking swings and I did everything I could to win.

I think back to my CV of Failures and what it represents:

Failure is an important part of my life. Failing is an indication that I’m pushing myself, experimenting, and stepping out of my comfort zone. And that’s where true growth happens.

Life is not like the NBA where the best teams win 60+ games.

Some people can go 1-81, but that one win, is a grand slam that overshadows all the past failures.

When we change our relationship with failure and see it not as a negative experience, but rather see it as a learning experience, that’s when we become the most dangerous. Those are the sort of people I’d bet on.

March 25, 2021

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