A Little Known Rule When Applying for Jobs

Credits to Rishi for sharing this idea with me.

Whenever I see a job posting, I’m guilty of applying at the last possible minute. Turns out, when you apply has a huge impact on your chances of landing the interview. Kushal Chakrabarti, CEO of TalentWorks says:

Applications submitted between 2-4 days after a job is posted have the highest chance of getting an interview. Not only is there a difference, there’s a big difference: you have up to an 8x higher chance of getting an interview during this period, even if you’re submitting the same application.

Chakrabarti goes on to add that every day after the golden hour, your chances of getting an interview drop 28%. After 10 days, you’ll get an interview for every 100 applications—the resume black hole.

May 22, 2021

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