Macro Focus, Micro Explore

Previously, I’ve thought of focus and exploration as opposite sides of the spectrum. I’m either focusing on a goal such as getting a full time job or I’m exploring a new hobby like writing or solo travelling.

However, I learned the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Over the years I’ve used an approach I call Macro Focus, Micro Explore. I’ll focus on a goal then I’ll explore within that goal. For example, recently one of my goals was to get a full time job. I focused completetly on this goal. I did what I knew worked such as applying to jobs and preparing for interviews. But I also experimented and tried out different approaches such as using different cold reachout strategies and using the briefcase technique.

That’s the spirit of Macro Focus, Micro Explore. Focus on a goal, and explore the bounds of that goal.

September 13, 2022

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