Make the Things You Wish Existed

Every book, song, or film that moved you first started as an idea. An idea that an artist cultivated and manifested into existence. It’s hard work. It’s risky. But we’re glad they did it. Imagine a world without the music of Taylor Swift, or the films of Hayao Miyazaki, or the novels of Neil Gaiman.

Yet many ideas die in the graveyard: never-launched businesses, unwritten books, and music never recorded. Many people die without expressing their one brilliant idea. It’s a tragedy to think of the potential people that their unreleased work could’ve affected.

Make the things you wish existed is my mantra for creation. Whether it be writing, community, or products, I focus on my craft so I can close the gap between my imagination and reality. It’s my contribution to pushing us forward, however small.

March 25, 2023

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