My Favorite Things (Fall 2023)


The Sopranos

HBO’s The SopranosHBO’s The Sopranos

Earlier in the Summer, I was looking for an NYC based show to watch. The shortlist included Seinfield, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Succession, and The Sopranos (though I know it’s technically based in NJ). I went with the Sopranos, known as one of the greatest shows of all time, and it absolutely lived up to the hype. A few episodes into the series and I knew this show was special. This is one I’ll be rewatching every few years.


I visited San Francisco a few weeks ago and I was curious to see the state of the city a few years after the pandemic. This documentary covers the state of San Francisco and gets to the root of many of its problems. Overall, a great piece of journalism.


Live from South Korea — Steve Jang on Korea’s Exploding Soft Power,” The Poverty-to-Power Playbook, K-Pop, Han” Energy, Must-See Movies, Export Economies, and Much More - Tim Ferriss Show

Over the past few decades, Korea has emerged as a cultural powerhouse. But how exactly did this happen? Tim Ferriss and Steve Jang explore this question.



Photo Credits to NEONPhoto Credits to NEON

Parasite was mentioned a few times in the podcast interview with Tim Ferriss and Steve Jang. Everyone I know that has watched this movie also highly recommends it and it did not disappoint.


Jajaja Mexicana

Jajaja is a vegan Mexican restaurant based in NYC. I don’t usually eat at vegetarian restaurants unless I’m with a vegetarian friend but this place is an exception. Their nachos are some of the best I’ve had in my life.

YouTube Channel

Use Less

If you’re a dude, and you’re looking for unique fashion advice, I recommend watching female fashion YouTubers. I find many male fashion YouTubers create similar content. Female fashion has always been more ambitious then mens fashion and female YouTubers are alos more innovative and cutting edge with their content. Signe is a Danish fashion YouTuber that promotes minimalism and conscious living. I find that I admire both Japanese and Scandinavian fashion and Signe does a great job of sharing Scandi style tips.

Clothing Brand

Momotaro Jeans

I love the Momotaro logoI love the Momotaro logo

I thrifted a pair of Momotaro denim while I was in San Francisco and I fell in love with Japanese denim. Momotaro is one of the original Japanese denim brands. In case you’re curious on what makes Japanese denim expensive.


Now and Then - The Beatles

The Beatles final song made using Artificial Intelligence. Also one of my favorite music videos of the year.

December 25, 2023

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