New York City Subway: Pointing and Calling

Shout out to Ivy for this idea

NYC Zebra board at a subway stationNYC Zebra board at a subway station Subway Conductor Pointing and CallingSubway Conductor Pointing and Calling

Every subway station in New York City has a zebra striped sign near the middle of the platform. The purpose of the sign is to indicate to subway conductors that they are in the middle of the platform and they are clear to open the doors. Conductors are required to open their windows and point at the sign. The act of physically pointing at the sign proves they are alert and reduces human error. This is called Pointing and Calling.

Whenever I’m waiting for the subway I’ll walk over to the zebra sign in the middle of the platform, when the train arrives, I’ll watch the conductor point to the sign, then open the doors shortly after. It makes me smile every time.

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August 1, 2023

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