Non-Technologist, Non-Writer

A friend recently asked me about my Instagram bio which reads, non-technologist, non-writer.” What does it mean? I took inspiration from one of my favourite musicians, Brian Eno. Eno describes himself as a non-musician” despite his influence within the music industry.

Being a non-technologist and non-writer is a contradiction. Most people would index me as either one or the other and rightfully so. I have a background in Computer Engineering after all, and my livelihood is in the tech industry. I love exploring new technologies and understanding their practical implications. Many of my tacit knowledge and frameworks lie within the tech industry. Simply put, it’s the lens through which I view the world. The same is true for writing. Though my interest in writing is recent, it informs my worldview and is a pillar in my life.

So why not just call myself a technologist or writer? Well I don’t like labels. When labels intertwine with our identity they become a limiting belief. While these are important roles I play right now, I think of myself as more than just a technologist or a writer. Hence, the labels, or rather the non-labels, described in my bio.

August 29, 2022

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