Novum Caput Mundi

Caput Mundi is a latin phrase describing a global city that’s the capital of the world. In the past, this has referred to Rome, Constantinople, and London. Now, the Novum Caput Mundi or New Capital of the World is New York City. New York is arguably the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. A city that for generations has attracted people from all over.

For me, moving to New York feels like getting drafted into the NBA. I’m in the big leagues now playing with the big dogs. Frank Sinatra said that, If I can make it here, I can it anywhere.” Now, I’m understanding what he means.

Back in 2015, I graduated near the top of my high school class. Then I went to University, and I realized that in High School I was a big fish in a small pond. My identity was tied to my ranking and I felt terribly insecure now that I wasn’t the smart kid” anymore. In New York, I once again feel like I was a big fish in a small pond”. It feels like there’s always someone better. A better reader, a better technologist, a better writer. The difference is that instead of responding with insecurity I feel energized and excited.

July 6, 2022

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