O Canada

I often take for granted how lucky I am that I’m a Canadian citizen. If there was such thing as a nationality lottery than I pretty much hit the jackpot.

Ocassionaly, I’ll be reminded of this.

I remember during a sermon, our pastor, who was born in the Phillipines, gave this anecdote about passports. Before he was a Canadian citizen, he would hide his Filipino passport at airports, it was almost a point of shame. But after he became a Canadian citizen, at airports he would subtly flaunt his passport, like how you would show off an expensive watch.

Being a Canadian citizen hold its weight. Canada has a respected reputation worldwide. A strong social safety net. And is one of the most inclusive countries in the world.

The world’s my oyster as a Canadian citizen and self actualization is a possibility in my lifetime thanks to the opportunities here.

What a gift it is to have grown up in this country and to be able to call myself a Canadian!

Happy Canada day!

July 1, 2020 · Canada

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