On Repeating Outfits

From the Lizzie McGuire movieFrom the Lizzie McGuire movie

If I’m going to a function, and I know that at least one person has seen my fit before, the above dialogue plays in my head. In the fashion world, an outfit repeater is almost seen as a criminal offense. Then I realize I don’t give a fuck. No one else cares too if you’re wearing the same outfit twice.

Outfit repeater” is a result of the social media age and fast fashion. You don’t want to be seen on social media wearing the same outfit and fast fashion has made it easier than ever to have the trendiest, newest piece, for next to nothing.

The irony is that some of the most stylish people wear the same outfit daily. To have a daily uniform is the apex of having a signature style. It shows self awareness and confidence in their own style. Rick Owens, Bill Cunningham, and Karl Lagerfeld more or less have worn the same outfit for years, yet no one calls them an outfit repeater.

I too have little desire to have a large wardrobe. I prefer a smaller wardrobe with high-quality pieces that I wear for years. This means that I do repeat outfits and I’m proud to do so.

July 7, 2024

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