On Romantic Relationships

I’ve written daily for more than four years now, and out of those 1500+ blog posts I haven’t written a single post on love or romantic relationships. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about the topic, rather it’s a topic I feel uncomfortable talking about. The thought of writing about this topic I can’t help but feel the judgment of others: my family, my friends, and my coworkers, many of whom I know read my blog.

And much of the reason is that it’s been almost a decade since my first serious-ish relationship. I have not dated much since then. And much of my drive to self-improve as a teenager and young adult has been fueled by heartbreak and self-rejection in my romantic life.

Yet, I have no regrets. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced love, the feeling is almost foreign to me. Some may see that as a tragedy but the most significant lesson I learned from this journey to love and access myself as I am.

February 14, 2024

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