On Twitter

I first started my Twitter account in 2019 at my friend Darshil’s recommendation. Before, I thought that Twitter was a noisy platform for dunking on people. Darshil convinced me otherwise. He told me of the friends he’s made and the opportunities he’s found through Twitter. I then read Alexey Guzey’s piece on why and how you should join Twitter and decided to make my account shortly afterward.

I started becoming more active on Twitter in 2020 as I started writing daily. Through Twitter I’ve met one of my close friends and now we live in the same city, I’ve made countless writing friends, one of whom I started OTWC with, and I learned about Verci through Twitter, to name a few.

The great thing about Twitter compared to other social media platforms like Instagram, is that you can shape it however you like. Instagram is where my friends are active, on Twitter, I feel less obligated to follow them. Twitter allows you to tailor your feed by following different accounts. It provides access to diverse and knowledgeable people’s thoughts. Additionally, you can engage in conversations and many people tend to respond to their DMs. I also like that Twitter is a text-based platform where ideas prevail. It is well-suited for me, especially as I am building a community of online writers who also frequent this platform.

I haven’t used Twitter in months, but I’m getting back into it now. My goal is to make sharing a regular part of my routine. Twitter will be like my personal notes app, whereas my daily blog will be more lightly edited thoughts.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@mrjamesq) to stay updated on my journey.

May 12, 2024

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