OTWC Presents: Wholesome Writing Party

I love meeting other writers. Part of it is the shared experience of meeting others on the same journey. But I find I also gravitate to the type of person writing attracts:

Writing attracts these sorts of people but writing also transforms you into a more curious, clear-thinking, and interesting person. My motivation for hosting the Olive Tree Writing Club is simple: it’s a way for me to regularly connect with my writing friends and make new ones.

This Fall, our goal is to expand the community and improve it further.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the Wholesome Writing Party on November 17th. Join us for a cozy evening of refreshments, treats, and activities with 100 writers from the city. It’ll be our biggest event yet!

RSVP here! https://partiful.com/e/QlsHUxhct189Zc8JIXA1

I hope to see you there :)

October 30, 2023

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