Password Manager

Everyone knows that using the same password on every account is a terrible idea.

I’ve known this all along, yet I’ve used the same password for my bank account, social media, school accounts, and government websites for nearly a decade.

It’s a miracle that I didn’t get hacked yet. But I shouldn’t wait until my accounts get compromised to take action.

It’s long overdue, but today I finally got around to using a password manager. Password managers store your login information for all the websites you use. These passwords are encrypted with a master password which is the only one to remember.

From a friend’s recommendation, I used Bitwarden, a free open source password manager that has a clean and user friendly interface. It took around 2 hours to store all my passwords on Bitwarden but it’s well worth the time.

For anyone that doesn’t use a password manager, get one as soon as you can.

April 28, 2021

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