Photography is Essential

In a pre-COVID world, I’d first meet people in person, whether this was my classmates, coworkers, or romantic interests. Their first impression of me is what they see; What I’m wearing, how I talk, my demeanour, etc. Afterwards, we’d exchange social media to keep in touch.

But in a post-COVID world, I first meet people online before I meet them in person. Visually, your first impression of me is through the photos on my social media.

This is especially true with dating apps. Dating apps have completely changed dating dynamics. People will choose to date you based on the quality and personality displayed through your photos.

Meeting Online is by far the most common way couples meet [1]Meeting Online is by far the most common way couples meet [1]

First impressions matter, and if first impressions are now made online rather in person, than I’d argue that photography is an important skill to learn in the 21st century. Especially now that everyone has a smartphone with a powerful camera, you might as well make use of it.


[1] Taken from: Disintermediating your friends: How online dating in the United States displaces other ways of meeting

April 4, 2021

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