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Creating products that are useful and loved by customers is a complex problem that involves skills such as design, engineering, and psychology to name a few. Product Manager’s drive the vision, strategy, and execution of these products which makes the role interdisciplinary by nature. Given that it’s also a relatively new discipline, there’s no product management bible. Instead, the best resources are scattered across the internet in the form of blogs, newsletters, podcasts, etc.

I’m still fairly early on in my career and there’s so much more to learn. I’ve learned a ton from my almost two years of experience as a Product Manager and my information diet has accelerated that progress. There still much I don’t know and sections missing such as design, marketing, and growth but I’ll add those resources as I fill those gaps.

All the resources I’m sharing in this curated list shaped me in some way as a Product Manager. Whether you’re interested in a career in Product Management or looking to level up your game. Hopefully, you’ll find this list helpful.

Inspired by Bryan Lee and Sachin Rekhi’s compilations.


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September 22, 2021

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