Professional Growth

One question others asked me was how will this project help out with my career?

Now I didn’t start this project for professional reasons, yet, there’s so much I take away from this term professionally.

I’m convinced that writing is the most underrated professional skill. As I started to improve as a writer, my clarity of thought improved with it. I’m able to clearly express myself through writing and speech. I’m able to think critically about a subject or during a debate. I’m able to tell stories and persuade others more effectively. I can go on and on. But clear thinking is an extremely transferable skill and I found that writing is the best way to train it.

However, on a longer time horizon, I’m building a personal moat. Like a castle moat, a personal moat protects you from competitors. These moats are built over time and are difficult for a competitor to replicate. With every piece I write, the moat gets wider and wider. And as the moat gets wider, the benefits of the blog will appreciate over time, attracting the right people and opportunities. I’ve already met so many amazing people through my work and I only hit the tip of the iceberg.

May 12, 2020 · Reflecting on a Semester at the Library

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