Satisfying Your Needs

Everyone has roles they play to satisfy needs in their life. Each of these needs must be satisfied in order for us to feel whole. A few examples of my needs include the professional, the creative, the intellectual, and the personal.

I learned the importance of having a community that satisfies each need. In the past, I experienced frustration because I thought that my friends and family needed to satisfy all needs. This is difficult and unfair to them because we are unique, complex beings with a variety of interests. It’s rare to find others that completely overlap in all our different needs.

Instead, it’s much easier finding a community to satisfy each need individually. For example, as a product manager I can join Reforge or Product Buds, as a writer I can join Foster, and to satisfy my intellectual side I can join Interintellect or the Bento Society.

If you’re feeling something is missing in your life, perhaps one of your needs isn’t being met and maybe you can find a community to satisfy that need.

August 22, 2021

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