Small Changes Up Close, Big Changes From Afar

Growing a tree is honest work. First, I dig a hole in the earth, then I sow the seed in a bed of soil and then bury it. Everyday, I water the seed. Little by little, the seed starts to sprout. The tree slowly takes form. The sprout turns into a stem, the stem forks into branches, and the branches grow leaves.

Everyday, before watering my tree, I look at it, I observe, I try to see the growth but small changes are hard to spot. But when I zoom out, and reflect on when my tree was just a seedling, I realize just how much it has grown.

We see our friends and family, our kids, and ourselves everyday, and small changes are hard to spot. It’s only when we zoom out, that we realize just how much has changed.

July 21, 2021

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