Surrounding Yourself with Beauty

David Perell recently wrote a short piece on taste, a topic I’ve been interested in lately. Taste became important to me when I started to delve into my creative side with writing. After writing everyday I noticed a correlation between what I read and what I wrote. From there, I began to tailor my content diet to improve my taste. I’d choose the great works from a varity of genres to expose myself to different fields and perspectives.

The best way to cultivate taste is to surround yourself with tasteful objects. That’s why great artists, in any domain, are such conscious consumers. The best designer I know has a home filled with coffee table books that range from Monet’s paintings to Le Corbusier’s architecture. The same is true for writing. When I asked my first boss how to become a better writer, he said: Read a bunch of quality writing.” - David Perell

But it went beyond what I read, it mattered what I listened to, what I watched, and the objects I surrounded myself with. I now realize that this is another reason why I chose to live in New York. New Yorkers have impeccable taste, you can see this in the way people dress on the subway and what music people listen to. New York is also one of the capitals of culture. You’ve got the Met, MoMa, hundreds of museums, broadway shows, live music venues, everything.

Some people commented that I have unique, eclectic taste. I take that as a compliment because it’s intentional. If I listen, read, and watch the same media as everyone else then I’ll think like everyone else. As a creative, it’s crucial that I’m original in my work and being original requires unique inputs.

So what do I do to cultivate my taste?

August 23, 2022

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