Talent is Overrated

Talent is like having a 10 minute head start in a marathon. Unless you’re competing at a high level, the difference is marginal.

Yes, undoubtedly there are folks that are talented. I’ve met my fair share of prodigies.

In most cases, calling someone talented is a cop out. To call someone talented is to say that person has something that I don’t. Why even bother trying? She’s talented, I’m not.

I often hear this at my school. If a person gets a 100% on a difficult exam, or lands a prestigious internship. Sometimes I’ll hear others calling that person a god.” To say that, is to discount the hard work that they put in.

This was the case for me and writing.

Growing up I was told I wasn’t a writer. I was a Math and Science guy. I thought I was missing something.

But that’s not true.

This year I decided to learn how to write. And at first I wasn’t good. But I kept writing. And I’ve improved a lot since.

Ironically, some people call me a talented writer now. I’m anything but talented, and besides I still got a lot more to learn.

This while experience of learning how to write has been a humbling experience for me.

I’m reminded that no one starts great.

But no matter where I start, keep going. Don’t stop. Learn after every iteration.

And keep doing that until I get better.

May 7, 2020

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