The Bull Ride is Over

A couple weeks ago, I didn’t take the coronavirus seriously. I heard of comparisons to the SARS virus and I thought the outcome would be similar.

People on my twitter feed, like Balaji and Naval were sounding the alarm for weeks.

I thought they were being alarmist, but they knew was coming.

At the beginning of this year, I reflected on growing up in the 2010s. How the 2010s was a decade long bull market, of continuous growth and optimism. And coming of age during that time gave me rose colored glasses.

But is life really this rosy? I asked.

There weren’t any significant world events that had a direct negative impact on me,” I said.

I mentioned that climate change would be our next big challenge. But it seems like a new challenge has arrived earlier instead. Coronavirus is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And it seems like the bull ride is over.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep my rose colored shades on, and stay optimistic.

March 12, 2020 · Coronavirus

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