The Habit of Identity

If you asked me back in grade school what course did I disliked the most, I would’ve told you instantly that it’s English. I wasn’t naturally good at it. I grew up thinking I wasn’t a writer or good at communication. I’d receive back an English assignment I worked hard on just to see the low grade further reinforced this notion. When asked to write an essay, the blank canvas made me feel physically uncomfortable. I felt like frog being asked to climb a tree.

But as my perspective on writing shifted, I realized my identity needed to shift as well.

Writer write, and as I started writing every day, my habit of identity changed with it. I went from feeling like an imposter to feeling like a writer.

Now being a writer is something I identify with.

As we learn new things, we improve ourselves, and our identities change too. Changing our identity to match our goals breaks the mental barrier that we aren’t meant for this and we do indeed belong.

February 9, 2021

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