The Joys of Learning Technical Subjects

This weekend, I spent some time catching up on lectures and assignments for my Quantum Physics course. Physics is a subject I’ve been curious about lately and I find it fun learning the different concepts and working through the problems.

Solving deeply technical problems activates a different part of my brain compared to product strategy problems or writing an essay. It requires deep focus, pushing past confusion, and lots of practice.

One thing I’ll miss about university is the structured environment to learn challenging subjects. There’s many more areas I want to learn, whether it be related to my career such as distributed systems, networks, or system architecture, or other subjects that I’d like to study out of curiousity like neuroscience, chemistry, or discrete math.

Stories like Susan Rigetti self studying Physics or Scott Young’s MIT challenge serve as an inspiration for me. I’d love to try something similar one day.

February 13, 2022

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