The Monk’s Riches

Credits to one of my favourite newsletters

There is a wandering monk making his way through the forest who comes across a farmer.

The farmer tells the monk that he had a vision the night before that he would run into a monk carrying the biggest diamond in the world and that the monk would give it to him.

The monk proceeds to pull a massive diamond out of his bag and hand it to the farmer. With a gentle smile, the monk says, Yes this one. I found it in the forest a few days ago. You’re welcome to have it.”

The farmer cannot believe his luck. He rushes home with his newfound riches, while the monk goes to meditate underneath a nearby tree.

Several hours later the farmer returns to the forest and finds the monk sitting under the very same tree, deep in meditation.

The farmer taps the monk on the shoulder and says, Can you do me a favor?”

What is it?” asks the monk.

Holding the diamond in his hand, the man says, Can you give me the riches that make it possible for you to give this thing away so easily?”

Lately, I’ve been immersed in the wonderful world of full time recruitment. Finding a job is a tough process that targets many primal desires such as prestige, money, and power. It’s easy to mistake the forest for the trees.

This story was timely for me because it’s a reminder of a simple truth: Happiness is found within.

February 21, 2022

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