The Seven Types of Rest

Inspired from the article, The 7 types of rest that every person needs

  1. Physical rest. This can be passive — sleeping or napping. Or active — massage therapy or going to a bath house.

  2. Mental rest. Feeling mentally drained after a long day of back-to-back meetings? Small breaks are key. Think of them as timeouts in sports — they give you a chance to breathe and clear your head.

  3. Sensory rest. Especially in the digital age, our senses are constantly being overloaded. We can easily become irritable and restless. Taking time for a walk is an effective way to give our senses a break.

  4. Creative rest. This type of rest is about appreciating beauty in any form. Whether it be at a concert, an art gallery, or enjoying nature.

  5. Emotional rest. Emotional rest is about being genuine. Trying to please everyone is draining. At parties with unfamiliar faces, I usually feel emotionally tired after, since I’m usually not myself.

  6. Social rest. Similar to emotional rest, social rest is about hanging out with people that nourish rather than people that drain you.

  7. Spiritual rest. This type of rest contributes to a feeling of belonging and meaning. This can be through going to church, running a writing club, or volunteering in the community.

May 7, 2023

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