This is Not a Fashion Blog

If you joined my blog recently, you might think that this is a fashion blog. Much of my free time and subconscious thoughts have been dedicated to this topic. But this isn’t a fashion blog.

The one-liner for my newsletter is writing on craft, creativity, and culture. My two main crafts are building products and writing. But every Summer, I like to experiment with learning a new craft: the principles, the frameworks, the mindset. Every person has a unique worldview shaped by their respective craft and I want to learn how they see the world.

This Summer, I’m pouring all my curiosity into Fashion and revamping my wardrobe. Before July, I didn’t know anything about fashion. I bought Tan Frances Masterclass, purchased a few books, and subscribed to a few new podcasts and YouTube channels. Now, much of my free time outside of work is spent reading, watching, and going out into the field and talking with people about fashion.

Every time I learn something new, there’s a high concentration of insights at the beginning. As soon as I discover an insight, I write a blog post on that insight on my blog. I know that if I wait any longer, the novelty wears off and it becomes obvious to me.  So since July, this blog has been a record of my insights, learnings, and un-learnings as I learn more about this craft.

Less than two months in and I feel like a different world has been unlocked for me. My perspective on the craft has changed. How I watch Tv Shows and movies, how I view shopping boutiques, and how I view myself has all changed the more I learn. I feel like I have a strong grasp now of fashion principles, frameworks, the creative process, how power and trends flow, etc.

After September, I’ll be shifting my focus back to writing but the lessons, mindset, and principles I learned from fashion will always be with me.

August 20, 2023

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